Membership Benefits

Are you looking to grow your Napa AutoCare business?
Are you looking for help, friends, sincere advice, good deals, and training?
We can help! Some of the many benefits the AutoCare

Elite BDG offers are:

  • Networking –Meet and talk with fellow shop owners who truly care, industry peers, top level trainers, cranky Napa reps, Napa “big-wigs”, and more!
  • Training – Group discounted rates & special training offers. Training for technicians & owners! We recognize the need for owner & advisor training. Hoping for some hands on technical training too!
  • E.O.S Meetings – (Elite Owner Support) E.O.S. meetings are to support, educate, and grow each member’s shop through constructive criticism and honest evaluations. By attending you also get to learn new ideas and tactics to improve your own business. A great chance to mingle as well!
  • Charity Work – Be involved with Charity work that will help strengthen your relationship within your community, help showcase your business and drive traffic to your business through public awareness.
  • Marketing –We have quarterly marketing meetings to discuss new marketing trends such as Internet, direct mail, and word-of-mouth and have marketing consultants/experts give a short presentation on a marketing strategy. We also develop cooperative marketing expenditures with vendors.
  • Social Events – We meet and greet, mingle, hang out, socialize, discuss current topics, and unwind!
  • General Meetings – Monthly meetings are held to discuss current topics, plan future events, and keep on top of current industry trends and info. (And eat some food, mingle, and hang out!)
  • Napa Involvement –You get the chance to work directly with the biggest names in Napa and be a part of improving communication, inventory, and addressing issues with the people that can fix it!
  • Forum Boards – Our new website will make member communication easier than ever with a calendar of events, forum discussions, Member contact info, and more!
  • Dispute Resolution – An avenue for customers to get involved with a group of shops that can all help to solve problems when customers are uncomfortable with returning to the original shop.
  • Other Vendor Relationships – Purchasing power, vendor presentations, partnerships and more.
  • Human Resources – Help with recruitment, legal challenges and resources, payroll and more.

Membership dues are only $100.00 per month, per shop!

On top of the MANY great benefits of joining the Napa AutoCare Elite BDG – your annual Napa AutoCare membership fee is paid for you! That’s right; your $799.00 annual Napa AutoCare membership fee is paid for you! And if you have multiple shops in the BDG all your shops’ AutoCare fees are paid!

(If you are a member for less than 12 months then your Napa AutoCare dues are pro-rated accordingly)

Feel free to come to the next monthly Napa BDG meeting for more info or ask to attend an E.O.S. meeting to learn more. We welcome all Colorado Napa AutoCare members.

Contact the current Membership Coordinator – Kevin Bachman by email [email protected]