E.O.S. Meeting – ELITE Owner Support

The main purpose of having these Napa AutoCare E.O.S. meetings is to support, educate, and grow each member’s shop through constructive criticism and honest evaluations. Positive support is a must!

The goal is for the attending shop members to offer the hosts shop owner any ideas on how to improve their business through resources they may not know are available to them, offer ideas to improve the workflow or workplace from both a customer and employee’s perspective.

Visiting shops also get the advantage of seeing what may or may not be working for the host shop and taking that info back to their own business for their own improvement and/or change. You would be amazed at all the good ideas that can come from visiting another shop!

Another great benefit to these meeting is mingling! We get to spend a little time getting to know each other as people as well as getting to know each other’s businesses challenges and successes.

The Meetings will be approximately 2 hours in length with the host shop providing snacks and refreshments.

The meetings will usually take place on Saturday’s during non-business hours. Each host shop will determine when it is best to host their meeting.

These meetings are a great opportunity to also let the host shop know how appreciative we are that they opened up their doors to us so we must always remember the importance of praise!

If you are interested in hosting or attending an E.O.S meeting please contact:

Randy Pickering – [email protected]